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Panah saz Alvand Engineering Company was established in 2006, after an extensive and comprehensive study on the latest constructing methods of American, European and East Asian Countries with the purpose of production and implementation of industrial light and new structures.

This company has done many building projects up to now and at the time being is engaged in numerous building projects inside and out of the country .

Panah saz Alvand Engineering Company is one of the first distributors of Fiber Cement panels which produces three different kinds of panels:

Simple panels , siding panels , pattern panels
From about 25 years ago ,different codes and regulations were applied for design and production of LSF structures in different countries around the world (such as USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia , etc. )
This structures are designed with applying specialized Software (like Framecad Pro ،SAP, ،STRU CAD & STRAP) in this company.
This company, with having many lines of cold scroll, produces various dimensions of sections of C , U & Z in thicknesses of 0.7 to 2.5 mm.
Some advantages of LSF constructions and usage of modern construction materials are as following:
-less Energy consumption , because of proper insulation of building .
-Decrease in the building weight and consequently decreasing the effect of earth quake force on the building.
-low repair and maintenance cost.
- High speed of construct

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