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Nayeran Co, with over 3 decades of experience in providing car lights began its activities in 1980 with deployment of the world's latest technology.

Our company by applying the world's high Tech and relying on its professional and experienced engineers and its advanced design department succeeded to play a major role in production of Car lights and build a successful working relationship with prestigious car makers.

Nayeran Co. adjusts its production with national and international norms and standards and customers special requirements by applying plastic injection , vacuum electroplating , painting, pressing and assembling advanced equipment .

High quality of Nayeran products and customer satisfaction represents its strength in producing the car lights.

By applying an efficient quality management system Nayeran Co. managed to obtain ISO/TS 16949 international certificate and assure its products quality . Commitment to customer satisfaction and creating the excellence is Nyeran's Chief Manager's objective.

Nayeran's long term experience in producing lights with highest quality led to the successful assembly of its products on cars made by Saipa and Iran khodro without causing any quality issue.

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