Peyrovi Industrial Group

About Us

Peyrovi Industrial Group, with over 50 years of experience in business and industrial activities for providing road construction machinery parts ,mining equipment ,auto parts and building construction with deployment of the world's latest technology is in the leading position .

The main activities of this company can be categorized in three groups as following :
1. having productive and sustainable business relationship with European and Asian countries .
2. Providing after sale services regarding road construction machinery and mining
3. production of different kinds of automotive parts including automotive lights, brake hose, CNG tubes, Brake tubes, Power steering hose, CNG tubes , Constant Velocity Joints and Shock absorbers, for OEMS(Car Manufacturers).

Peyrovi Industrial Group, by establishing numerous factories in different provinces of Iran, applying the most recent technologies of the world and employment of the creative and professional staff , creates the most innovative products for submit to the worldwide customers and played a major role in industrial self- sufficiency and employment of the young generation.

This industrial group is containing of six companies:
- Nayeran co.
- Nayeran Rahsaz co.
- Nayeran Ghateh saz co.
- Ahangari Novin Co.
- Gheteh Sazan Razan Co.
- Panah Saz Alvand Co.

This flourishing enterprise proved its stability by retaining its product's high quality in local and international harsh conditions.
This industrial Group's Turn over was around 100,000,000 USD per year , before sanctions and after applying sanctions against Iran it reached to 75,000,000 USD per year.

Nayeran  Rahsaz Co. Nayeran Ghateh Saz Co. Panah Saze Alvand Ghateh Sazan Razan Ahangari Novin Nayeran Co.
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